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SPRING COCKTAIL KIT - Mojito, Cosmo & Mint Julep

SPRING COCKTAIL KIT - Mojito, Cosmo & Mint Julep

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Say ‘hello’ to instant craft cocktails and ‘bye,bye’ hassle. Create a mixologist-inspired craft cocktail instantly with our handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes.

Designed specifically for liquor and made with all-natural ingredients containing only 10 calories, enjoy artisan spirits anywhere, anytime! A complete set of all of our mini LUXE COCKTAIL Sugar Cubes: Mint Julep, Mojito, and Cosmo Add the cosmo cube into a shot of vodka to make an instant cosmopolitan!  

Plus, the kit comes in a black gift box! A great gift for anyone who enjoys happy hour!

Paired Liquor:

Mojito cube + 1.5oz white rum + pour over ice + 4oz club soda

Cosmo cube + 2oz vodka + shake with ice + lemon wedge

Mint Julep cube + 2oz bourbon + pour over crushed ice


Spring Cocktail Set Ingredients:

Mojito: cane sugar, natural lime juice, natural lime, natural spearmint oil, tartaric acid, spearmint leaves

Cosmo: cone sugar, organic cranberry, tartaric acid, organic cranberry concentrate, natural lime,
organic beet juice, organic beet, natural lime juice, organic orange oil.

Mint Julep: cane sugar, natural spearmint oil, natural lemon dye, natural orange dye, powdered sugar.

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Dimensions: 6.5" l x 4.5" w x 0.9" h

Weight: 0.5 lb


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